Update on the future of this blog and moving to another location

I’m starting to write on this blog again, but there are a few changes that I want to let you know about.

First, I’m moving away from the wordpress.com version of this site. I have a domain for this blog (https://andreadallover.com) which will look about the exact same to you (minus the ads) but will allow me to do more (like have actual tables – seriously, why is it so hard for wordpress to have tables?).

Second, I’m pretty sure none of you that follow this blog will be brought over to the new location. It’s still a WordPress cite, so you should still be able to follow it. But I guess you’ll have to go over there and click the follow button again: https://andreadallover.com. Or use this link to subscribe to the posts via RSS: https://andreadallover.com/feed/. On the other hand, this is your chance to slip out the back without me seeing 🙂

Finally, I am not going to post on this site anymore. I guess I’ll leave it up because it doesn’t cost me anything, but to be honest I haven’t really decided what to do with this site. I know that I won’t be cross-posting articles though. All my future blog posts will be on the new location.

That’s all. I’m looking forward to reviving this blog. I have some cool ideas for new posts and I hope to see you over there at the new location. Oh yeah, and if you want to know more about me, go check out my personal website: https://eviljoemcveigh.com/.

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